Press Release 13/03/2024

Response to the Newsweek Poland article dated 12/03/2024

The corresponding article is full of unverified information, half-truths and inaccuracies. It does not reflect reality and is sensationalist.

This and previous articles have led to unjustifiable personal attacks online and innuendo against our colleagues, who are private people. There are undertones of ableism and racism that we find abhorrent. We are proud of our outreach and strongly support marginalized communities such as people fleeing war, people with disabilities, and minorities. We are also proud that over 45% of our staff have a registered disability, or are from other minorities. In terms of being given an opportunity to respond to the media outlet, we were sent 4 questions on 21:53 pm GMT on the evening of Sunday 10th March, and were given no time to respond before publication at 8am GMT Tuesday 12 March 2024.

Apsley Business School Ltd is registered as a Business School, not a university. Likewise the main position is that of Academic Director not “Rector”, which is not a term commonly used in the United Kingdom outside of Church activities. Apsley Business School Ltd is a business school delivering personalised and accessible educational programmes across several campuses and online. We collaborate with a number of international partners, and deliver vocational and academic programmes in accordance with our published licenses and registrations, which are periodically reviewed and updated. Our programmes have been recognised and accredited within the EEA, Middle East and North America by various partners and educational authorities. Nevertheless, in common with every institution delivering transnational education, we make it clear in our publicly available Terms and Conditions that it is the responsibility of the candidate before enrollment to ensure that the recognition of the programme they are registering for is appropriate for them. 

The company registered in Poland under a similar name has no relationship with us, and we have no knowledge of the owners or their operations. Post-Brexit a company in Germany was established which is dormant and has not started trading, with a long-term plan to continue our Erasmus relationships and enrich our teaching and research. Until recently we were still a junior partner in a legacy project with a European partner which has now finished. The Erasmus programme in The UK was dismantled due to Brexit, and has been replaced by the Turing Scheme, which is designed to send British undergraduate students to European universities, and is something which we are currently not focussing on.

There has also been uninformed speculation and innuendo on social media regarding our financial reporting. The balance sheet is filed at Companies House in accordance with the law, but it is not possible to file a profit/ loss statement, so naturally it does not disclose revenues. We do not claim any public money, and assets are not held by the LTD.  Our financial statements are independently audited and filed by a third party. 

Regarding Collegium Humanum, in the past, the Academic Director has attended commencement ceremonies alongside their other partners from universities in the EEA.  In partnership, we have recognised and endorsed the quality of their prize-winning programmes, and have subsequently given Collegium Humanum the limited right to use our logo on certain certificates that Collegium Humanum issues for some programmes alongside other quality marques such as Employers of Poland, CEEMAN, the International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies, the Conference of Rectors of Polish Vocational Schools (KRZaSP), as well as Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) – operating under the auspices of the UN, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) in the USA, the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies (INQAAHE) and  the European Council of Leading Business Schools (ECLBS). To further clarify, students directly enrolled with Apsley Business School Ltd on our programmes have a unique student number and were taught directly by us, whilst those who studied with an affiliated partner university under a recognised programme do not. Students who studied directly with us have a contract with our T&Cs under the laws of England and Wales, whereas those who studied under an affiliated organisation have a contract directly with that partner organisation. 

We had a Memorandum of Understanding with the Central European Strategic Analysis Center which expired in December 2023. In the past three years, they have organised two joint conferences in peace studies, which we supported, and we also supported their efforts to donate Christmas presents to Ukrainian refugee children in Poland.  They advertised our British certificate programmes through their social media. Likewise, the relationship with UNS is academic in scope, to provide opportunities for their students to visit London for educational fieldwork in the English language.

ElephantAI Sp. z o.o. stepped out of the project 2 weeks before the commencement date under Article 764(2) of the Polish Civil Code. Nevertheless, as a serious educational institution we are continuing to fulfill the terms of our agreement with the students, and teaching by an international panel of experts started on February 16th 2024 at 09:00 AM GMT for all those who are enrolled.

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