Apsley Business School has a rolling admissions process, so you can submit your application whenever you are ready, to your member of our Admissions Team, either through the form here or by email at Admission.support@apsley.university.  We suggest you submit it as soon as possible. You will be invited for an interview, and you will receive feedback within 24 hours of the interview. Successful candidates will receive a written offer of a place on their chosen programme usually within 14 working days. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

The admission requirements vary from programme to programme. they are displayed clearly on the programme pages or in the brochure. If you are unsure, do contact us and we will advise you. As a rough guide, please see below

Undergraduate Programmes: three A Level qualifications or similar, or 3 years of relevant working experience

Postgraduate Programmes: a relevant undergraduate degree from a recognized university, or 3-5 years of senior management experience (managing people or a large budget)

Doctorate Programmes: A masters qualification from a recognized university is the minimum requirement. The admissions process is more complex as the nature of your research project is also a considerable focus of the admission interview. Your designated admissions officer will be able to give you clear personalised advice

Remember we have an Approved Prior Learning policy which means individual candidates with accepted professional or vocational qualifications are exempt from certain requirements. Do contact us  for personalised advice from out Admissions Team. T&Cs can be found here

The programme fees and payment schedule vary from programme to programme. they are displayed clearly in the brochure.

If you are unsure, do contact us and we will advise you.

There are a selection of bursaries and scholarships which are available, and our Admissions Team will advise you if you are eligible. Scholarship decisions are announced before the start of the programme

Many organisations will pay your study fees for you. For advice on how to process such applications contact our Admissions Team at the earliest stage of your application for personalized advice on VAT, contracts, and data sharing with your organisation

All programme fees must be paid in full before you graduate the programme

FuturePay Terms and Conditions:
Recurring payment policy: we use FuturePay Direct, through Worldpay for online recurring payments, in GBP, EUR and USD. We can accept annual, monthly and quarterly payments with FuturePay Direct for certain programmes. You may cancel at any time, and we will refund any fees over paid in error. There are no refunds for fees already paid and are not overpayments. You can cancel by email to finance@apsley.university or by contacting anyone in the Admissions Team. Just a reminder, all programme fees must be paid in full before you graduate the programme

If you are unsure, do contact us and we will advise you.


Apsley awards are accredited in the UK and abroad, so there are no barriers to recognition. We are part of the United Nations Global Compact, PRME, Erasmus + and Horizon 2020.  We are accredited at ISO 9001:2005, ISO 21001: 2018 standards. We are part of the International Academic Conference Consortium, and  are registered and regulated in the United Kingdom. We have a range of global academic partnerships in EU and Middle East.  Your qualification will be recognised globally.  To minimise the impact of Brexit, all of our programmes are offered as a dual award with one of our collaborative partnerships to all candidates based in the EEA. We are on the UK Register of Learning Providers on the government portal (registration UKPRN 10084917), and for safeguarding and tuition we are regulated by Ofsted (URN 11517526). 

In terms of Ranking, we receive high Employability and Student Satisfaction results on independent research conducted by BlueBird Global Education. Our recent global ranking can be found here.

Apsley Business School Limited is registered at Companies House in England & Wales, 11517526, for the following activities, 84120 – Regulation of health care, education, cultural and other social services, not incl. social security, 85310 – General secondary education, 85421 – First-degree level higher education, 85422 – Post-graduate level higher education

Currently due to Covid-19 restrictions, all teaching is being conducted online. Furthermore, currently we are not admitting candidates out-of-country for classroom based programmes. As the situation and regulations change, we will post updates. Please do contact the Admissions Team if you would like an update, or of course if you wish to start the programme online straightaway.

We work with a number of accredited accommodation providers, offering apartments, homestays and flatshares. Contact the Admissions Team and we can provide you with the latest information and rates.

At Apsley, career counselling starts at Day One, when you apply for the programme of your choice. Your chosen Personal Tutor will develop a personalised study plan with you that will hit your learning and career goals.

You will develop a personalised study plan with your chosen Personal Tutor, who will guide you through the programme pathway and you will develop the programme right for you. Because of our blended mode of delivery, you will study at your pace, receiving personalised support from your lecturer.

For the MBA and MSc programmes, most students will complete in a year, although students with Approved Prior Learning may progress faster. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice personalised to your needs and experience.

Apsley Business School has a vast network of Admissions Officers on six continents.They will be able to respond swiftly with personalised support for your enquiries and application process.

Contact us here.