Apsley partners with WorldPay© and FuturePay© for recurring card payments

We are piloting a scheme to allow candidates on certain programmes to manage their study fees though agreed installment plans.

FuturePay Terms and Conditions:
Recurring payment policy: we use FuturePay Direct, through Worldpay for online recurring payments, in GBP, EUR and USD. We can accept annual, monthly and quarterly payments with FuturePay Direct for certain programmes. You may cancel at any time, and we will refund any fees over paid in error. There are no refunds for fees already paid and which are not overpayments. You can cancel by email to finance@apsley.university or by contacting anyone in the Admissions Team. Just a reminder, all programme fees must be paid in full before you graduate the programme

If you are unsure, do contact us and we will advise you.

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