• Online Training Courses Management & Leadership and General Training Programmes 

UK/EU/Global  in the field as follow:

Ø Business Management

Ø  Digital Marketing

Ø  Education & Training

Ø  Human Resource Management

Ø  International Students Recruitment

Ø  Leadership Management

Ø  Learning & Development

Ø  Logistics & Supply Chain

Ø  Project Management

Ø  Security in General

Ø  Strategic Management

Ø  Teaching & Learning

Ø  Tourism Aviation & Hospitality Management


General Training


1.    Mini MBA in Leadership for Developing Female Leaders

2.     Design and Development of Training for Learning Success

3.     Digital Marketing Management (Social media influencer)

4.     Excellence in Customer Experience for Modern Managers

5.     Executive Management Masterclass

6.     Expert in Planning of Sales and Operations (S&OP) EPSO

7.     Leadership Challenges in Mental Health & Hospital Management

8.     Managing Teams under Pressure

9.     Management and Leadership Mini-MBA

10.  Managing Customer Expectations for Managers

11.  Modern security management and operations that are effective

12.  Strategic Planning, Development, and Implementation

13.  Strategy, Risk Management, Negotiation, and Leadership

14.  Success Coaching, Mentoring, and Career Development

15.  Women in Leadership Mini-MBA

16.  Work as an Academic/Education Professor (5 days)

17. Coaching and Mentoring: from License to Start-Up

18. How to be a Learning Expert in C-Learning, D-Learning, E-Learning,  F2F-Learning, I-H-learning, ( In-House) Training/learning, M-learning, P-Learning, SM-learning, and V-Learning. AI-learning 

19.  Academic Research Foundations course

20.  Business Expertise for Project Managers

21.  Business Project Management for Government Projects

22.  Business Project Management Foundations (SME)


Continuous Professional Development


23.  Develop Coaching Skills for Leaders and Managers

24.  Develop Multiple Roles as a Leader

25.  Develop to become a Customer  Service Specialist

26.  Develop to become a Customer Service Manager

27.  Develop to become a customer support Service Specialist.

28.  Develop to become a Government Project Manager

29.  Develop to become a Healthcare Project Manager

30.  Develop to become a Senior Manager

31.  Develop to become an L&D Professional

32.  Develop to become a Hospital management expert

33. Developing Senior Managers/Executive in Organisations

34. Introduction to affordable Double degrees (qualifications), 

35. Introduction to affordable Doctoral research (DBA/PhD)

Leadership Management


36.  Leadership Management for Airline Professional                           LMAP

37.  Leadership Management for Airport Professional                          LMAP

38.  Leadership Management for Educational Professional                  LMEP

39.  Leadership Management for Hospital Professional                        LMHP

40.  Leadership Management for Nursing/Medical Professional        LMNMP

41.  Leadership Management for Retail management Professional   LMRMP

42.  Leadership Management for Security(general) Professional       LMSGP

43.  Leadership Management for SME/ME professional                      LMSMEP

44.  Leadership Management for Social Care Professional                  LMSCP


Special Executive Training


45.  Advanced management training for Hospital Admin/administration, Medical Professional(for Mid and Senior level professional) 3-5 days                        AMTHAMP

46.  Advanced management training for educational professional/director/executive of institutions/colleges(Mid & Senior management)    3-5days            AMTEPE


Level 5, 6, 7, 8 Training  for Executives

47.  Management Effective Intercultural Communication and Assessments  Level 7,6,5

48.  Strategic Direction in Cross-Boundary and Global Companies Level 8,7,6,5

49.  Strategic Planning in Cross-Boundary and Global Companies Level 8,7,6,5

50.  Strategy Development in Cross-Boundary and Global Companies Level 8,7,6,5

51.  Modern challenges in Education( Theory, Strategy and Procedure) Level 7,6,5.

52.  Pedagogy and Training in Education Level 7,6,5

53.  Research Practices in Education Management Level 7,6,5

54.  Strategic Communication Management Level 8,7,6,5

55.  Management of Educational Transformation Level 7,6,5

56.  Leadership Strategies, Qualities and Practice Level  8,7,6,5

57.  Most Important Philosophical Procedure in Education Level 7,6,5

58.  Ethical Researcher & Researcher Analyst Level 7,6,5

59.  Professional, Personal Leadership Advancement as a Strategic Manager Level 8,7,6,5

60.  Train the Trainer and be a trainer for Executives TTFE

61.  Strategic Leadership Focus for Managers/Executive


Aviation (Airline & Airport)


  1. Air Cargo Developed Marketing & Leadership Management  course                           ACDMLM

  2. Air Transport Management & Leadership Management course                                   ATMLM

  3. Airline Customer Service & Leadership Management  course                                             ACSLM

  4. Airline Industry Leadership Management  Consultant                                                              AILMC

  5. Airline Management & Leadership Management  course                                                      AMLM

  6. Airline Passenger & Leadership Management course                                                                APLM

  7. Airline Revenue Management & Leadership Management course                               ARMLM

  8. Airport Operations Management & Leadership Management  Course                             AOPLM

  9. Airport Ramp Management Services & Leadership management  course                     ARMSLM

  10. Airport/Airline Ground Operations Leadership Management                                             AAGOLM

  11. Aviation General Security Leadership  Management                                                                   AGSLM

  12. Travel Agency Business Leadership Management  Consultant                               TABLMC

  13. Travel and Tourism Leadership Management  Director                                                          TTLMD

  14. Travel and Tourism Leadership Management Consultant                                                      TTLMC

  15. Travel and Tourism Leadership Management Senior Consultant                                            TTLMSC


Aviation (Airline & Airport)


 I.          Airline Airport Checking Desk Management                                          AACDM

II.         Airline Branding Management Executive                                               ABME

III.        Airline Digital Marketing Management executive                                  ADMME

IV.        Airline Leadership Management executive                                           ALME  

V.         Airline Marketing management Consultant                                           AMMC

VI.        Airline Operation Management Consultant                                           AOMC

VII.       Airline Performance Management Consultant/Executive                     APMCE

VIII.         Airline/Airport Conflict Management(customers) Consultant                   AACMC

IX.           Airport Ground handling management executive                                 AGHME

X.            Airport Leadership Management  Executive                                             ALME

XI.           Airport Operation Management  Executive                                     AOME

XII.          Airport Performance Management for Managers                                     APMfM

XIII.         Airport/Airline delay/ cancellation/crowd) queue management.

XIV.         Airport/Airline general security management                                       AAGSM

XV.          Airport/Airline Handling for special passengers                                    AAHSP

XVI.        Aviation (Airline & Airport) Management  Executive                                  AAME

XVII.       Duty-Free- shop retail Management, promotion

XVIII.      Senior Passenger Services Agent/Executive                                          SPSAE



How to Start Your Business Specialisation

Launch Your Own Business with little as 5000 USD,  working from home or the office

A.     Beauty parlour business

B.     Cab/Courier/delivery business

C.      Clothing and garment retail store

D.     Estate and letting  agency

E.      how to make business plans

F.      how to make business project plans

G.     how to make marketing plans

H.     How to start an Events/Catering business

I.       Media/creative digital agency

J.       Online business store (Amazon, eBay, Alibaba)

K.      Online news (TV) channels business

L.      Recruitment and employment agency

M.    Restaurant/Fast-food business/Takeaway

N.     Retails shop (mini market, $-£ shop)

O.     Travel/money transfer agency

General Security Training

       I.          Advance CCTV Operator/operation Management

      II.          Security  consultant(retails/Restaurant/Hospitality

    III.          Security (general, retails, management)

    IV.          Security guard Management

     V.          Security management courses(general trade)

    VI.          Senior Security door supervisors


Travel/Tours/Tourism Management Courses


A.     Tourism/Tours guide Management Consultant            TGMC

B.     Travel & Tours  management consultant                       TTMC

C.      Travel agency operation management Consultant      TAOMC

D.     Travel destination management consultant                  TDMC


Tourism/Hospitality/Catering courses


     I.          Restaurant/Catering supervisor (events, parties)                                                         RCS

      II.          Event coordinators/supervisor                                                                                         ECS

    III.          Event management consultant                                                                          EMC

    IV.          Hospitality events, Management Consultant                                                           HEMC

     V.          Hostess/reception management course                                                                   HRMC

    VI.          Restaurant operation management Consultant                                                      ROMC

  VII.          Restaurant supervisor (back of the house for the chef)                                             RSC

 VIII.          Senior Waiters/ waitress /Silver services (Headwaiter) course


All courses can be delivered on-site, in class, blended or online


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